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Football and film.Film and football. The beautiful game and the silver screen. The two go hand to hand and the visual aspect of the world's most played sport is its most important facet. Why have a football film festival? Why not. We all love football. We all love film. So to put the two together for the first time in Ireland is as natural as a mercurial Diego Maradona dribble, Eric Cantona's upturned collar or a cheeky Jack Charlton grin. It just makes sense. 


Set in the engine room of Northern Ireland's newest Premiership club, Newry City AFC, the Kick Off Football Film Festival showcases the good, the bad and the ugly of the game - all of it essential viewing. And all of it with The Showgrounds pitch as your backdrop. This is a celebration of the game and a celebration of the filmmakers who love it as much as we do.We can't wait to see you all in Newry this July.


The Kick-Off Football Film Festival team

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